The warehouse has modern computerized services. It is a two-floor, fully heated distribution center with a sprinkler system and 24-hour monitored fire protection. The highest quality, safety, and sanitation programs are also implemented.

Inventory control systems can be designed to operate independently or in conjunction with the customer’s system. Staff can assist in computer product recall, FIFO, stock location, and detailed inventory reports.

For more information please contact Travis Verhoff at 419-596-3202 or travisv@ottawadefenselogistics.com

Services provided include:

  • Receiving of Material
  • Shipping of Product
  • Visual Inspection of all Material Received
  • Subassembly Work, Kiting and Crating Services
  • Quality Assurance of Parts
  • Contract Warehousing
  • Inventory Control Management
  • Serial and Data Control
  • Bar Coding
  • Returned Goods Management