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The Machining Department is offered as a support department to the rest of VM&W. With the ability to turn, mill, drill, chamfer, bevel and cut keyways, we can put the finishing touches on your project. We also have MasterCam off-line programming. This will reduce down time and will save our customer’s money.

Haas EC 1600-4X
64” X 40” X 30 ” (xyz)

Haas HS 2
38” X 35” X 25 ” (xyz)

Haas VF-5SS (20hp)
50” X 20” X 25 ” (xyz)

Haas VF-5SS (20hp)
50” X 26” X 25 ” (xyz)

Haas VF-5XT (30hp)
60” X 26” X 25 ” (xyz)

Haas TM2 Tool Room Mill
40” X 16” X 16” (xyz)

Haas VF-4 (20hp)
50" X 20" X 24-1/2" (xyz)

Haas VF-9 (30 hp)
84" X 40" X 30" (xyz)

Haas 40-Taper VF-11 (20 hp)
120" X 40" X 30" (xyz)

Chevalier CNC Mill

Index CNC Mill

Proto Track 1745P 14" X 48"

Verhoff Machine & Welding offers custom metal fabrication, installation and repair sevices to the Industrial Manufacturing, Heavy Equipment and Military Industries. We also offer shape cutting, forming, cutoff, rolling, welding, cylinder expanding, machining, metal fabrication Ohio, and warehousing services.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Supplier for the US Army RDECOM - TARDEC